Metaverse Fashion Week

NGRAVE's Store

Don't miss your chance to get exclusive items at NGRAVE's pop-up store in Decentraland.

Electric Ice Collection
Represent NGRAVE in Decentraland. The Electric Ice Collection has 1000 pieces per item. Get yourself a new outfit before they run out!
Decentraland store
NGRAVE's Store
Visit NGRAVE's shop in Decentraland to create partnerships, learn security tips, and buy The Coldest Wallet.
Boson Protocol
Boson Protocol’s technology solves the problem of connecting smart contracts to real world physical assets. This enables the exchange of digital value for physical assets without relying on a centralised intermediary.
Explore at ease
Security In Web3
A new world is here. NGRAVE is your base to get ready for exploring the metaverse safely.

Hear All About It

Get a first-hand explanation of The Coldest Wallet, the NGRAVE project, and our immersion into the Metaverse through Divi's interview with CEO and co-founder Ruben Merre.