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Security in Web3

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Do you make any of these mistakes?
NGRAVE's Security Self-Audit shows that many users aren't as safe with their crypto as they believe.
  • Mistake #1
    Most funds in one place
    +40% of users keep the majority of their funds in a single exchange or hot wallet. Spreading your portfolio across different platforms will make sure you still have some crypto left if you suffer an attack.
  • Mistake #2
    Weak Backups
    Whether it is an exchange, hot or cold wallet, about 80% of users keep their backups online, on a computer or on paper. If someone accesses their backups, it’s game over for them. Only 20% of users have a recoverable backup with the GRAPHENE or Shamir Secret Sharing.
  • Mistake #3
    Penetrable Cold Wallets
    Most users receive a seed phrase with their hardware wallet that syncs and signs transactions by connecting it via USB, NFC, WiFi, or Bluetooth. These are big no-no’s. Get a hardware wallet that is always offline and lets you create a private key that no one else knows.


Crypto Security

Self-Audit 2022

NGRAVE surveyed over 2000 unique respondents, getting an in-depth overview of today's retail crypto investors' security.

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