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Protect Your Private Keys From A to Z

Effortless to Use

We built the ZERO in close collaboration with the end user to make the experience second to none

Large & high-quality touch screen

No computer, no cable, no network needed

Incredibly easy and intuitive to use

End-to-End Solution

NGRAVE takes into account & radically improves every single step of the user journey

3 complementary products

The coldest wallet generation & management

The coldest key back-up & recoveryEven posthumous recovery

The Most Secure

NGRAVE offers the most secure solution on the planet. Truly the Coldest of wallets

Fully offline hardware wallet, your private keys are never exposed to any online device

Built in partnership with world leaders in nano-technology & hardware security

The most advanced wallet generation process in the world

Keep Your Funds Safe

"More than $1 billion worth of crypto stolen by hackers in Q3 2021"

— Atlas VPN —

Meet our Ultra Secure, Multi-layered Digital Asset Ecosystem

A Hardware Wallet For All Your Accounts An Indestructible Back-Up for All Your Private Keys

The coldest wallet


The ZERO is the most secure hardware wallet ever made, and the corner stone of NGRAVE’s impenetrable security ecosystem. Conceptualised and built from scratch in close collaboration with world leading institutes in chip manufacturing, applied cryptography, and hardware security, the ZERO comes at an unparalleled level of inherent anti-tampering. The ZERO is completely offline, from secret key generation to transaction signing, keeping your holdings away from any online attack vector.

The coldest back-up


NGRAVE annihilates the need for paper wallets & traditional metal back-ups, introducing the coldest back-up available. The NGRAVE GRAPHENE is a cryptographic puzzle made of two fire-, water-, buried-, & shock-proof everlasting stainless steel plates. If an attacker gets his hands on one of the plates, he still has zero information about the actual secret key. Therefore, it is recommended to keep each plate at a different location. NGRAVE offers the first recoverable key back-up solution. Finally an answer to losing your back-up. 

Last-mile connection to the blockchain


NGRAVE provides a mobile app to directly sync all the generated accounts from the ZERO. That way, the user can easily consult his real-time balances or ask to receive a transaction. Communication between the ZERO and the app occurs through QR-codes. This way, the app never has access to the secret keys on the ZERO. Hence, the secret keys are never exposed to any online attack vector. Not even when signing transactions.

Offline is the New Online

"The internet is the crypto equivalent of Pandora’s Box. As soon as you have an online connection, hackers can try to steal your funds"


A Wall That Can't Be Breached

Offline DefenseEverything happens at the safe side of the wall

Cryptographic secrets are kept offline at all times and are never exposed to an online connection. They never “cross the wall”

NGRAVE has pulled up an impenetrable wall between the online and offline realm

Everything that is sensitive is done offline, from wallet creation to signing transactions

USB & Network-FreeAirgapped for security

USB cables are not only a hassle, they also permit data to and from your device, so you ultimately never know what info is coming in or going out

NGRAVE has airgapped the ZERO, making it a stand-alone device that doesn’t rely on networks (4G, wifi, bluetooth, etc.) or USB cables

No network = no digital attack surface

One-Way QR CommunicationThe safest way to broadcast transactions

Offline generated accounts are exported by scanning a QR code with the Liquid app

Transactions are initiated and converted into a QR-code in the app. The ZERO scans the signature request QR-code with its built-in camera

The ZERO signs transactions offline, without exposing the secret cryptographic key(s). 

The Most Advanced Key Generation Process in the World

The Result - A computationally unbreakable, unique key, generated offline, only ever seen by you and you alone


State-of-the-Art TRNG Chip

Create a computationally unique, unbreakable, & unpredictable secret key with a strong True Random Number Generation (TRNG) process


Biometric Data

Your fingerprint is included in the key generation process to create your own personalised key


Light Technology

Photon measurements of ambient light are one of the best enhancers of the randomness and strength of your secret key  


User Interaction, Offline

As a user, you interact with the offline key generation process, making you the only one who has ever seen the secret key

Born to Support Them All

Our Goal is to Support All Your Favourite Coins

The Founding Team

Ruben MerreCEO, Co-Founder

Xavier HendrickxCTO, Co-Founder

Edouard VanhamCOO, Co-Founder


Jean-Jacques QuisquaterFamous Cryptographer & Professor2nd reference of the Bitcoin paper

Jean-Jacques Quisquater has been a leading figure in cryptography & hardware security over the last 50 years. He:
  •  Is the #2 reference in Satoshi       Nakamoto's  2009 Bitcoin paper
  •  Was crucial to the first practical        blockchain experiment in 1996

  •  Is cited or referred to in a vast majority       of scientific papers on cryptography
  •  Co-invented the GQ protocol, used      worldwide in over 100 million computers
  •  Has over 20 patents and published over      200 articles on cryptography

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