Fast. Smooth. Convenient.

Your connection to the blockchain


Your Liquid app gives you a real-time overview of your portfolio, and initiates transactions. And this, without ever exposing your secret keys.

One place to manage all your crypto's

The Safest Way to Exchange Information

Anti-tampering framework

Secure One-Way QR Code Communication

Communication between the ZERO and the LIQUID mobile app takes place exclusively through QR codes that contain non-secret information only. 

That way, your private keys are never shared with the app and kept offline at all times. Online hackers don't stand a chance as your secrets never touch the internet.

Peace of mind

Your Accounts in Real-Time

After syncing your accounts from your ZERO to the LIQUID app just one time, you can easily consult real-time balances of your secure accounts whenever you want. Private keys remain offline, on the ZERO only.

Quick and Easy

Send & Receive transactions

Want to receive a transaction? Simply share the QR code with or paste your address to your counterparty.

Want to sign a transaction? Easy. Initiate it on the app, show the QR code to your ZERO, sign the transaction offline, and show the signature back to your app which sends it to the blockchain. The latter only accepts validly signed transactions.

Air Gap Will Secure Our Cryptocurrency Assets

"The truth is that anything connected to the internet can be hacked. However, hacking wasn’t always a problem."

— Jared Polites —