The coldest backup

Everlasting backup solution


A backup solution made from Stainless Steel 316, to keep your secret keys safe

Water- & Corrosion Resistant

Fire Resistant

Two Parts

Recoverable in Case of Loss

No more paper wallets

Everlasting Backup

Made of high quality stainless steel that can withstand extreme temperatures of up to 1660 degrees Celsius, your NGRAVE GRAPHENE will still be there when your house burns down.

The product is also resistant against water- & corrosion damage, and is shock- & buried-proof. No more need for traditional industry practice of writing down your private key on a piece of paper. 

Size = A5*

* 148 x 210 mm (5.83 x 8.27 inches)

The NGRAVE "Perfect Key" is the 64 character hexadecimal (0-9; A-F) equivalent of a 24 words mnemonic phrase / 256 bit master seed. The rationale behind this format is that it not only allows for adding a double security layer by completely splitting the key into two parts, but also for an ingenious recovery mechanism of the key. This format can at any time easily be converted into its mnemonic phrase or 256 bit equivalent.

Split The Backup

Attackers Need to Find Both Parts

Lower plate to be punched in

Unique upper plate to punch holes through (& click-embossing pen to punch them)

Your backup is precious

Keep your keys offline

NGRAVE created a cryptographic puzzle of two agnostic plates: if someone finds one of the plates, he/she has zero information on your actual key. Both plates are required to recover the key.

The GRAPHENE allows you to finally safe keep each part in a different location as an additional measure of security.

If you lose your hardware wallet, you need a good key backup to recover your accounts.

Recover your backup without 3rd party risk

A Backup of Your Backup

NGRAVE introduces an ingenious answer to the question "What if I lose my backup?" by making the upper plate recoverable. 

Each upper plate configuration is unique and personal, and can be recovered by NGRAVE in case of loss. As NGRAVE (or any other 3rd party) has no access to your lower plate, they cannot steal your secret key. 

Recoverable upper plate

Create Your Backupin 3 Easy Steps


Generate your perfect key

Generate your unique key with the ZERO. 

From this single key, all your crypto accounts are created, and you only need this single key to recover all of them in case you lose your ZERO.


Punch your key in the GRAPHENE

Bring your upper and lower plate together and use the NGRAVE pen to make a hole in each of the 64 columns. Every column represents one character of the secret key.


Split both plates. Hide them separately

It is highly recommended to store and safeguard each plate separately if you want to benefit from the GRAPHENE's double security layer. 

What Our Early Adopters Say

"I'm amazed by how these guys are always one step ahead. For every 'what if" they have an answer ready, e.g. "What if I lose my ZERO", "What if I lose my backup?', and so on."

Jean-Luc Verhelst

Author Bitcoin, Blockchain & Beyond

"The GRAPHENE makes me feel safe. Plus, I can actually reuse the upper plate to punch out different keys in different lower plates. No more worrying about my paper wallets!"

Guillaume Veldekens

Co-founder, HIVE Blockchain Society

"I’ve met the team & directly felt their mission to challenge existing cold storage solutions. They managed to build a product that meets these challenging specifications & that also excels in user experience."

Levi Haegebaert