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Welcome! Take a breather, lean back, relax, and have a scroll through our tutorial videos. We regularly post updates to keep you in the loop of new features on your ZERO and other NGRAVE products. 


Create an NGRAVE wallet

Create a mnemonic wallet

Set up your ZERO for the first time and create your very own NGRAVE Perfect Key. The most secure way in the market to create your own wallet. Oh, and it's so easy!

Set up your ZERO for the first time and create your own 24-word seed phrase, completely offline!

Back up your NGRAVE key on GRAPHENE

Sync your ZERO with the app

Make a backup of your recovery key by punching holes in stainless steel. Here's how!

Seamlessly sync your ZERO accounts with the app and enjoy the real-time overview of your portfolio wherever you go.


Initiate and sign a transaction

Receive a transaction

You can finally forget about USB and go completely offline. Scan a QR code to send your funds safely across the blockchain, instantly.

Nothing as easy as receiving a transaction with LIQUID.


Manage your fingerprints

Add or hide accounts

With how many different fingers can you sign a transaction? Find out in this tutorial. Or grant additional access to someone in your family.

Need more accounts for the same coin or created too many? Here's how to keep your interface tidy!


Import an NGRAVE wallet

Import a mnemonic wallet

Lost your device and need to restore all your accounts? Easy. Just import your recovery key and ZERO takes care of the rest.

Already have a mnemonic seed phrase? ZERO can import any length, be it 12, 15, 18 or 24 words.

Add new coins to your wallet

You can never have enough coins. Here's how to add new ones right from the dashboard.

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