Release Notes

Version 1.1

What’s new on ZERO’s firmware v1.1


We improved the overall performance considerably. We added coins, enhanced security and fixed bugs. Please keep sending your feedback to

New Features

  • New coins! You can now HODL Tezos (XTZ) and Elrond (EGLD) in The Coldest Wallet.
  • Faster visuals. We improved the performance to double the frames per second.


  • We enhanced security by adding verification of Linux Kernel during the secure boot. The secure boot identifies if the code was tampered with. Linux Kernel, where we developed our operating system, now has another extra layer of protection.
  • Better QR scanning. We increased the QR size, added a white border, and slowed down the QR loop speed. These changes should solve scanning issues with modern phones.
  • Smarter syncs. The LIQUID app will update its language to what you set on your ZERO. Also, it can inform you to do an update if you are syncing with an older version of the ZERO firmware.
  • The camera loading is more stable during the verification process.
  • We optimized the build process. It is not noticeable when using the firmware, but it will speed up the pace of the releases.

Bug Fixes

  • Users that set up fingerprint authentication can access their secret key via settings.
  • If you have any ERC-20 tokens hidden on your ZERO, data for ETH and ERC-20 tokens will be correct on the LIQUID app when syncing from now on.
  • You can now sign large transactions with BTC and other UTXO coins.
  • We fixed many small glitches in the graphical user interface (GUI).
  • No more issues when importing a mnemonic key.
  • Translations to other languages are more precise.

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