Belgian cold-wallet NGRAVE sets a new security standard for crypto storage

29 Oct 2021

NGRAVE Press The first end-to-end security solution to manage your crypto.

Belgian cold-wallet NGRAVE sets a new security standard for crypto storage

NGRAVE flagship product ZERO, The Coldest Wallet ever made, is now shipping.

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Brussels, 29 October 2021 — Right after the 2018 crypto market plunge, there was great doubt whether crypto was even a valid concept. Three Belgians set out to tackle what they believed to be the greatest hurdle for crypto adoption: security. Today,after years of research and development as well as raising USD 450K in the most successful crypto wallet pre-order campaign, NGRAVE reaches a new milestone: the global shipping of its flagship product ZERO, the coldest wallet. ZERO is not only the first EAL7 certified crypto hardware wallet, it is also the world’s first financial product to achieve the highest formal level of security.

NGRAVE is a Belgian blockchain and digital asset security provider making highly secure and user-friendly products.“Having experienced a USD 10 million hack with my previous blockchain project, I asked my NGRAVE co-founders a simple question: ‘Where can one store their crypto and be able to sleep at night?’ We had no answer. So we decided to build it ourselves,” - Xavier Hendrickx, NGRAVE’s CTO. So the three set out to finally offer investors self-sovereignty over their assets. The product suite is fully designed in Europe and built in Belgium to ensure the highest quality and security standards. Meanwhile, crypto has never been more popular, with the total number of unique crypto users surging from 106 million in January to 221 million in June 2021, according to research by

NGRAVE offers crypto users a complete product suite. ZERO, the offline touch-screen hardware wallet allows users to securely store and transact their crypto. GRAPHENE, the stainless steel encrypted backup solution ensures that users never lose their keys. It is not only made to withstand extreme conditions, but also designed to be recoverable in the event of loss. Again an industry’s first. “Sales reflect our clients’ appreciation of GRAPHENE’s added security layers, with 85% opting for the COMBO.” - Edouard Vanham, Co-founder & COO. Last but not least, LIQUID is the convenient mobile app that connects users real-time to the blockchain without ever exposing their private keys. “What sets NGRAVE apart is the seamless integration of these three products, never compromising on security, always achieving a frictionless experience.” - Jean-Jacques Quisquater, 2nd reference Bitcoin whitepaper.

The heart of the solution is the NGRAVE Perfect Key. “When looking into existing key creation processes, we realized there were serious security gaps. So we reinvented the way keys are generated and also overcame the limitations of today’s widely used mnemonic wallets.” - Ruben Merre, Co-founder and CEO.

Indiegogo backers and pre-order clients will receive their devices over the course of the next few weeks. NGRAVE’s shop will remain closed until the next batch of devices is ready. In the meantime, those interested can subscribe to the waiting list. “We are experiencing very high demand while our supply will be limited for the new year; be the first to be informed by subscribing to the waiting list" - Edouard Vanham.

In NGRAVE’s founding year 2018, cryptocurrency theft topped USD 2.5 billion. In the single quarter of Q3 2021, hacks exceeded the USD 1 billion mark. Going into 2022, the security problem NGRAVE set out to solve has never been more pressing.

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The first end-to-end security solution to manage your crypto.

Founded in 2018, NGRAVE is a digital asset security provider offering user-friendly maximum security solutions for blockchain and crypto use cases. Its flagship product — crypto hardware wallet “NGRAVE ZERO” — is the only financial product in the world that features the highest security certification: EAL7. NGRAVE is partnered with the world’s top tier in nano- and chip technology, cryptography and hardware security, and counts among its advisors several blockchain pioneers such as Jean-Jacques Quisquater, famous cryptography professor and second reference of the bitcoin paper.