Time To Upgrade Crypto Security.

Every Generation Needs A Revolution.

It's US versus THEM.

It's US versus Malicious Hackers.

It's US versus Getting Hacked.

It's US versus Losing (Y)our Keys.

Our Mission

Our mission is to eradicate the loss and the malicious hacking of your crypto. 

We believe we are all in this together. Join our movement.

Meet Our Founding Team

Our passion for blockchain and crypto. Our passion for protecting people. Our passion for the product. That's why we jump out of bed every single morning. That bold mission of making the world (of crypto) a safer place.

Ruben is a serial entrepreneur who launched his first business when he was 8 years old. He has led & launched many international tech projects, including several automated algorithmic trading platforms.

Ruben Merre

CEO, Co-Founder

Xavier is the archetype of the brilliant CTO, partly university-educated in Computer Science, mostly self-taught. As a crypto veteran, he experienced several major hacks first-hand, ultimately making him shift to the security side.

Xavier Hendrickx

CTO, Co-Founder

Edouard is thé guy who, when people tell him something isn't possible, gets an even larger boost to get things done. Having worked in both IT & Business, he is the ideal translator of business requirements to the back-end side.

Edouard Vanham

COO, Co-Founder

Meet Our Partners

The World Leading R&D and Innovation Hub 

for Nanoelectronics & Chip Manufacturing

The World Leading Research Group 

for Applied Industrial Cryptography

Known for taping out the first atom-size (3nm) test chip

Known for inventing AES 256, protecting US Government top secret information

To build the world's best solution, we partnered up with the very best in their field.

NGRAVE Genesis

The NGRAVE movement and solution came about from the NGRAVE founding team’s own personal and professional experiences as cryptocurrency investors. There is no better illustration than the background story of NGRAVE’s CTO Xavier Hendrickx. Hendrickx has been in the crypto space since early 2013. His conviction of blockchain technology’s long term potential made him an early crypto investor. This resulted in him personally becoming a victim in several high-profile hacks, including the Mt. Gox hack in 2014. 

Even though these events meant considerable blows to his personal crypto portfolio, Hendrickx kept an unwavering belief in blockchain technology’s longterm potential. In parallel with his studies in Computer Science, Hendrickx passionately engaged in developing his own blockchain applications, including a set of automated cryptocurrency trading bots. The latter led to him being “talent-scouted” by a Belgo-American blockchain endeavor named Arkade City, where he became involved as a blockchain developer. In 2016, the project raised 76,000ETH in an ICO.

The project rebranded to Swarm City and in 2017, it became one of the most impacted projects by what is today referred to in the industry as the “(Multi-sig) Parity hack”. Swarm City lost 44,000ETH in the incident. Hendrickx was one of the first to quickly realize a security breach had occurred. He became involved with a white hat hack group formed to preventively hack other projects in order to protect them (all funds were returned). In just a few hours after the first Parity multi-sig related hacks, around $208M was rendered to safety by this white hat hack group. 

Hendrickx’ passion to protect other crypto investors and blockchain believers from being stolen from or losing their keys became a search for like-minded individuals to set up a project going for ultimate security. When Hendrickx met future NGRAVE co-founders Ruben Merre (CEO) and Edouard Vanham (COO), the genesis of NGRAVE quickly came to realization. 

Today, the fight for security and convenience is one that the three cofounders passionately engage in, 24/7.

Meet Yourself: #JoinTheWalletRevolution

Our goal is world domination. We need passionate, high-energy, bright, self-starting and ambitious people who just crave a steep learning curve. We have a selection process. Once you get through it, you're part of NGRAVE. Part of the team. Part of the family. Whether you are an intern or a VP Sales, we make it our mission to help you become a better version of yourself. And we're certain we can learn from you as well. Together, we will be co-creating and co-learning every day. We become partners in a quest to eradicate insecurity in the crypto space. And beyond.

And yes, we're looking forward.

Send your application and why you would fit the team to team@ngrave.io

CEO Ruben Merre gazing across the San Francisco skyline.

Brussels, BELGIUM

San Francisco, CA, USA

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