The coldest wallet


Built completely from scratch, the NGRAVE ZERO is the most secure hardware wallet on the planet

The power of offline

100% Offline

Fully Tamper proof

Large Touchscreen


Zero Online Attack Vectors

100% Offline

The NGRAVE ZERO generates your private keys offline and never exposes them afterwards.  The device is completely "air-gapped", meaning it does not rely on any kind of network connection capability (such as WiFi/Bluetooth/NFC), nor does it require USB

Never get exposed

Generate your keys offline

Your private keys are effectively kept away from any online attack vector. This is as secure as it gets.

No contact with any online attack vector

No Bluetooth

No Wifi



A Wall Between Offline and Online

Your NGRAVE LIQUID app is your last mile connection to the blockchain. Syncing accounts as well as initiating and signing transactions all happen via QR code communication with the ZERO.


Online connection to the blockchain

Your private keys are generated on and never leave the NGRAVE ZERO. The only communication that occurs to the outside world is done through QR codes that never contain any sensitive information.


Offline for the best security you can imagine

One-way QR Code Communication

Securely Sign Transactions Offline in 5 Simple Steps

Scan the  QR code  generated by the app with your ZERO

Scan request

Create a transaction request on your NGRAVE app

Initiate transaction

Verify and sign the transaction request offline on your ZERO

Verify and sign

Scan signature

Have your transaction broadcasted to &  recorded on the blockchain

Send to the blockchain

Scan the transaction signature on the ZERO with your app

Discover How NGRAVE 

Compares to Other Solutions

Built to be Impenetrable

Fully Tamper Proof Against Physical Attacks

The ZERO has been built from the ground up in partnership with the world leading R&D and innovation hub for nano-scale electronics and chip manufacturing imec. 

Anti-tampering framework

Discover our Whitepaper, where we exhaustively discuss the security framework, the end-to-end solution and our vision

NGRAVE has designed and incorporated an unrivaled multi-layered anti-tampering framework rendering the ZERO impenetrable from any physical attacks.

Multi Layered

Custom Firmware

Optimized for security & ease-of-use

In close collaboration with true security experts, NGRAVE has developed custom firmware to assure both superior security and ease-of-use. 


A great example is NGRAVE’s revolutionary wallet generation process including a.o. biometric data and security-enhancing user interaction flows. NGRAVE will also open source its firmware for community review.

Managing Your Crypto is Finally Easy

Smooth. Convenient. Intuitive.

NGRAVE believes in co-creation with the end user. Every device interaction has been methodologically tested and validated in deep dive one-on-one interviews and larger scale quantitative validation sessions.

Customer centricity is a fundamental pillar of NGRAVE's product philosophy, so if there is anything you want us to add in future updates, we encourage you to reach out

What Our Early Adopters Say

Community Manager, Altcoin Buzz

"The device fits straight in your pocket, it's easy to use, you can turn it on without any hassle and the touch screen is amazing. I would definitely recommend every cryptocurrency holder to use it."

Luc Lammers

Blockchain Evangelist & Influencer

"I'm really euphoric about this product. I've been in crypto for a while now & this is the first time I believe I can get peace of mind. It's secure, it's easy to use, & it's simply a marvelous solution."

David De Vriesere

#1 Voice to Follow in Tech by LinkedIn

"The NGRAVE ZERO and the team behind it simply blow you away. This is what innovation looks like, lifting both security and ease of use to a whole other level."

Ahmed Banafa

Born to Support Them All

Our Goal is to Support All Your Favourite Coins

Technical Specifications

Chips & Microcontrollers

Certification Level CC EAL7, CE, RoHS, FCC

MPU 2019 STM32MP157C (High Performance Dual-core ARM® Cortex®-A7 including ARM®  NEON and ARM® Trustzone® + ARM® Cortex®-M4  with FPU/MPU) with Secure Boot, Secure RAMs, Secure RTC, Active Tamper and Trustzone® Peripherals, Cortex M4 Resources Isolation. Ultra low power consumption.

SE State-of-the-Art Secure Element

13 mm - 0.51”

180 gr - 6.3 oz

Cryptographic Support

Message Digest: RIPEMD160, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, SHA3, SHA3-XOF, KECCAK, BLAKE2B, Grøstl

Cryptography Key, with key generation:

DES (56, 112, 168 bits), AES (128, 192, 256 bits),

ECC (256 bits), RSA (1024, 2048, 3072,4096 bits) RSA encryption with PKCS1 v1.5, PKCS1 OEAP, NOPAD schemes HMAC Signature: HMAC-SHA256, HMAC-SHA512 RSA Signature with PKCS1 v1.5, PKCS1 PSS schemes Elliptic Curve Signature: ECDSA/EC-Schnorr (SECP256K1, SECP256R1, Brainpool256R1, Brainpool256T1), EdDSA (Ed25519) Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellman: ECDH (SECP256K1, SECP256R1, SECP521R1,

Brainpool256R1, Brainpool256T1, Curve25519) Symmetric Cryptography: DES, Triple-DES, AES with ISO9797M1,

ISO9797M2, NOPAD schemes Random Number Generation: RND, Prime RND (hardware support TRNG), NIST SP 800-90A CTR DRBG

Hardware Specs

Power Mgmt 1 200 mAH (Ultra-Efficient Low Power) Battery with USB-Compatible Battery Charger & Low Power High Efficiency Power Mgmt

Screen 101,6 mm (4”) diagonal LCD, 480 x 800 Pixel, 600Cd/m2 Capacitive Touch Screen

Biometric Sensor 12 x 12 mm Fingerprint Sensor

Camera 640 x 480 with Built-in Light Sensor

Materials High-End Metal

USB-C Port Only for Wall Charging & Secure Firmware Updates

Water & Dust Resistant

Additional Anti-Tampering

125 mm - 4.92”

70 mm - 2.7”